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Perennial geranium: beautiful and undemanding

Perennial geranium: beautiful and undemanding

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Perennial geranium is a variety that has the advantage of being hardy and therefore resistant to frost.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Geranium spp

Family : Geraniaceae
Type : Perennial

: 20 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : May to September

Planting and caring for perennial geraniums will help you have beautiful blooms all summer long. © hcast

Planting perennial geranium

Perennial geranium, whether crawling for ground cover or bushy for a flower bed, works equally well in partial shade or in the sun.

As the varieties all have different characteristics, choose them according to your exposure.

  • Planting is best done in the fall or in the spring mixed with geranium soil.
  • Prepare the ground by removing the larger stones.
  • Perennial geranium tolerates all types of soil, but the richer it is, the more generous the flowering will be.
  • Observe a spacing of 30/40 cm between each foot.

Even if the geranium is resistant, take care to water your perennial geranium well in the months following planting.

Once properly installed, there is no need to water it.

  • Multiplication by division of the tuft in autumn.

Perennial geraniums that are used as ground covers are very useful in preventing weed growth.

Caring for perennial geranium

Cut back the stems after they have flowered to stimulate the appearance of new flowers and avoid depleting your perennial geraniums.

Perennial geranium is fairly drought tolerant, and once properly established, it should be content with passing rains and water from the soil to develop normally.

In the event of hot weather and / or prolonged drought, you can water to stimulate flowering.

Adding geranium fertilizer each year in the spring will dramatically improve the flowering and growth of your perennial geranium.

Should you prune perennial geranium?

Starting in the fall, it can be a good idea to remove old branches and anything that has dried on the plant to restore vigor.

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To know about the perennial geranium

Perennial geranium is a hardy plant that offers flowering just as interesting as its foliage.

This perennial has a multitude of species and almost as many shapes and colors. The flowering time can be up to 6 months.

Easy to grow, it has the advantage of offering a very beautiful flowering and a very good overall balance. The most common perennial geranium blooms are close to blue and pink.

In massif but also in border and in rockery, the perennial geranium can be a excellent ground cover and a very beautiful garden plant.

  • Perennial geranium should not be confused with geranium that we find on our balconies and whose real name is pelargonium.

Video: How to plant up hardy Geraniums from Mr Fothergills (July 2022).


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