Clematis montana: the mountain clematis

Clematis montana: the mountain clematis

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The montana clematis, or mountain clematis, is a climber of great beauty.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Clematis montana
Family : Ranunculaceae
Type : Climbing

: 6 to 8 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Deep and fresh

: Expired -Flowering : May

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Here are the right things to do to make your clematis montana a plant full of vigor and flowering.

Planting clematis montana

The planting of clematis montana takes place indifferentlyautumn or to spring.

Clematis montana, like all clematis, likes to be in the shade and head in the sun.

  1. If the foot is exposed to direct sunlight, cover it, for example, with a tile or a few stones.

How to plant clematis montana:

The clematis needs a support to climb, it must be about twenty centimeters from it to be able to grip.

  • Make a hole about 40 cm in diameter.
  • Tilt the foot towards the wall or the support on which it will climb.
  • Fill the hole with a mixture of potting soil and garden soil and, if the soil is heavy, 1/3 river sand.
  • Fertilization from planting with a little compost or dehydrated manure allows a better recovery.

Multiplication of clematis montana:

Clematis montana multiplies quite easily, both by layering the young stems and by cuttings.

layering in spring, herbaceous cutting at the end of spring, semi-hardened in summer, sowing in autumn under frame

  • Layering takes place at spring.
  • Cuttings takes place at spring on young stems or end of summer on semi-hardened stem.

Clematis montana in pot

It is quite possible to grow clematis in pots although some varieties like Clematis Alpina are more suitable due to their low growth.

  • A good potting soil for flowering plants is necessary
  • The pot must be drilled at the bottom and of sufficient diameter
  • Repotting every 2 to 3 years will be necessary for your potted clematis to continue to grow and flower

Pruning and caring for clematis montana

Clematis montana pruning occurs after flowering, usually in summer. But its hardiness also allows for pruning in the fall.

The more you prune the clematis montana, the more it flowers.

  • Shorten the stems without cutting back too severely.
  • Cut dead branches and fragile stems short.

Watering clematis montana

Watering clematis montana is important during prolonged drought and / or high heat.

Clematis is not drought tolerant but also dreads excess water which could rot the roots.

  • Regular watering is recommended the first year after planting.
  • Keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Always cover the foot to keep it cool. One can use a tile for example or a mulch.

Species and varieties of clematis montana

Clematis montana ‘Alexander’:

It is one of the varieties of Clematis Montana with the largest flowers, they are creamy white in color. If she is not flowering, don't be worried it will take several years for her to flower.

Clematis ‘Lilacina’ floribunda:

Lilac-purple flowers as the name suggests. It is particularly interesting for the size of its flowers, which can reach more than 15 cm in diameter. It blooms all summer.

Clematis montana grandiflora:

Its bloom is a magnificent pristine white and its foliage is gray green. It adapts particularly well to shaded areas.

Clematis montana var. rubens:

Its growth is rapid and its foliage, like its lilac-pink bloom, very interesting.

Clematis montana var. wilsonii:

Its flowering is late but we like to be patient to discover its beautiful fragrant white flowers which are said to have a chocolate scent.

Smart tip about clematis montana

You can training the clematis in order to keep a good orientation throughout its growth!

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