Dipladénia in winter: our wintering tips

Dipladénia in winter: our wintering tips

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If the dipladenia needs sun in the summer, it is important to bring in your dipladenia from the fall and especially in the winter.

The dipladenia is a plant that fear cold and frost and who couldn't bear to live outside in the winter.

When to bring in your dipladénia, what care and watering to give it in winter, here are our tips

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Dipladenia in winter

In general, when the leaves start to turn yellow, the days to shorten, and the temperatures to drop below 12-13 ° C at night, it's time to take in your dipladenia.

In winter, the dipladénia needs light but can also stand the shelter of a greenhouse where temperatures do not drop below 12-13 °.

This will allow you to bring your dipladenia indoors, avoiding overheated rooms in the house as this plant also needs to distinguish between winter and summer.

  • Before taking in your dipladenia, inspect the plant to see if there is any aphids or from mealybugs
  • If there are traces of insects and parasites, treat them as they could multiply inside your home
  • Remove leaves that have turned yellow in late summer
  • Then bring your dipladénia into a bright room, moderately heated
  • Reduce watering as it gets into winter
  • During the colder months, you can make do with a simple misting of the foliage with soft water.

In winter, your dipladénia is in vegetative rest and the dipladenia no longer blooms, It is totaly normal.

Tip about dipladenia in winter

At the end of winter, with the arrival of sunny days, do not take out your dipladénia too quickly. Wait until the frost is over and put it on only during the day before getting bored at night too.

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