Cyclamen Coum, the winter cyclamen

Cyclamen Coum, the winter cyclamen

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Cyclamen Coum is distinguished by its discreet and colorful pink winter flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cyclamen Coum
Family : Primulaceae
Type : Bulb flower

Height : 10 cm
Exposure : Shade, partial shade
Ground : Lightweight, well drained

Flowering : Winter

Here is the culture of indoor cyclamen , the florists' cyclamen.

Planting cyclamen Coum

Cyclamen Coum likes freshness, shade and partial shade. It is a plant that is resistant to frost and snow.

Planting Cyclamen Coum bulbs:

It is recommended to plant cyclamen bulbs in spring or at the end of summer or even at early fall.

  • Cyclamen likes light, well-drained soils.
  • This cyclamen fears humidity more than cold.
  • Space each bulb 10 to 15 cm apart, nature will do the rest by multiplying naturally.

Cyclamen coum in a pot:

Cyclamen coum is also planted in a pot or in a planter.

  • For your cyclamen neck in pot, tray and planter, use a special bulb soil and make sure that the container is well pierced at the bottom.

Cyclamen can be combined with other early bulbs such as snowdrops. For an autumn bloom, choose the Naples cyclamen.

Maintenance of Cyclamen Coum

No maintenance is really necessary, as the coum cyclamen is easy to grow.

  • Never remove the foliage before it has completely wilted, otherwise your coum cyclamen will not bloom again.
  • Avoid passing the mower when leaves are present.
  • In pots, you can add flower bulb fertilizer once a year in the fall.

Watering Cyclamen Coum:

Natural watering by rain is more than sufficient, the coum cyclamen is resistant to drought in summer.

If, however, the summer has been very dry and you feel that your cyclamen are having a hard time getting out, do not hesitate to accompany them with a few waterings.

Good to know about cyclamen Coum

Here is a flower that we adore because few of them bloom in winter, whatever the climate and the region, depending on the variety.

Also called the cyclamen of the island of Cos, it is also a flower that blooms in the shade to form a pretty colorful carpet.

Cyclamen Coum is in fact appreciated for its pretty pink flowers but also for its dark green foliage marked with silver.

Prodigious flowering forming carpets under the trees and on the shaded lawns. Foliage variegated with green and silvery white.

Problems with Cyclamen Coum

  • The cyclamen leaves wither:

It’s like they’ve been burnt. This is too much sun, protect your plants from direct sunlight.

  • The leaves wither :

If your plant looks gray, it is often due to excess water, reduce watering.

  • The leaves of cyclamen turn yellow prematurely :

Provide it with fertilizer, this is undoubtedly linked to a lack of fertilization, especially for potted coum cyclamen

Smart tip

A contribution oforganic fertilizer regular special "flowering plants" will greatly promote the development of the plant as well as its flowering.

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